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Whether you need even better fighting techniques for mixed martial arts or street fighting techniques for self-defense, this is the fighting techniques drills ebook and fighting techniques video for you...!

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No Fear! That's crap. This will show you how to use it!

You get one shot! Where do you hit him? No Not there!

He shoves you and swings. Don't just stand there! Quick do what's on page 34!

94 pages of drills to improve your fighting techniques developed by dual certified teacher Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.. Who began martial arts training in 1973, graduated Eastern Illinois University as a dual certified physical educator.

Sensei Kirkham developed expertise in behavior modification and spent his life researching the fear factor in order to improve his own fighting techniques.

AND NOW Sensei Kirkham will share his fighting techniques drills INCLUDING the use of fear to improve your fighting techniques and help you to become an even more dangerous individual to those who would do harm to you or your family!

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The Instant Download BONUS Video will not be offered for long. The one hour and fourteen minute bonus video itself is $19.00, BUT for a very limited time. YOU CAN GET BOTH Fighting Techniques Ebook (now listed on Amazon) and Fighting Techniques and Fear Video for only $19.00

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Note from Sensei Kirkham: “I am aware in these hard times, no matter how good my fighting techniques book and video are, some people just plain old can't afford it. Thus I'm going to open a big can of worms and try this out. Send me an offer if you can't afford this and we can discuss what is fair to us both.”


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